Moderne Gallery has been mounting exhibitions since 1989 when it presented the first gallery show devoted to the work of George Nakashima. Since then we have presented numerous exhibitions including:

  • Zen Modernism: The Work of George Nakashima, 1955-1975
  • The Nakashima Tradition: Origins & Continuity in collaboration with Mira Nakashima
  • George Nakashima: Designing Nature
  • A Celebration of The Nakashima Legacy in collaboration with Mira Nakashima
  • Early Furniture by George Nakashima, 1936-1956: The Architect Designs
  • George Nakashima Woodworkers: An Evolving Legacy in collaboration with Mira Nakashima
  • George Nakashima: In Conversation, in collaboration with UNTITLED Gallery
  • Wharton Esherick: American Woodworker in collaboration with Robert Edwards
  • Wharton Esherick: Special Exhibit at SOFA NYC
  • David Ebner: 50 Years of Studio Furniture
  • Masters of the American Craft & Studio Furniture Movement: 1922 – 1988
  • FUNctional Wood Sculpture - 1965-2005: Vintage and Contemporary Works by Pamela Weir-Quiton
  • Ceramic Masterworks: 1962-2002 in collaboration with Helen Drutt
  • Edgar Brandt: Art Deco Ironwork and Photographs from the Atelier
  • Ruba Rombic: An Epic in Moderne Art in collaboration with Kevin Kiley
  • Fantasy Jewels: Obscure Objects of Desire
  • French Post-War Design: Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand and Serge Mouille
  • Rethinking English Arts and Crafts: The Modernist Tradition in Turn-of-the Century British Design in collaboration with John Alexander
  • The Constructed Canvas: String Paintings by David Roth
  • David Roth: The Interference Color Paintings

Such exhibitions are integral to the role of the Moderne Gallery in promoting the re-evaluation of famous 20th Century decorative arts and artists, and the re-discovery of less well-known but important contributors to 20th Century art and design.