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Do you know who made the object? This may be the name of a known individual (e.g., George Nakashima), a company (e.g., Tiffany), or a cultural group (e.g., Hopi).

Are there any identifying markings, numbers, or inscriptions on the object (e.g., a signature, name of the original purchaser, dedication, title, maker’s marks, purity marks, property marks)?

When was the object made (e.g., 1962, 20th century)?

What materials is the object made of (e.g., walnut, cherry, oil on canvas, bronze)?

Does the object have a title by which it is known and might be identified (e.g., Conoid Dining Table)?

This could include history of ownership, value, damage, subject depicted, links to similar items, or any other information you’d like us to have.

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Please include at least one photo of the whole object, a photo of the top of anything with a top surface (tables, buffets, etc.), and photos of any special details that aren't easily apparent. IAdd a close-up of any inscriptions & markings, if possible, and a photo of serious damage, if any.] If you have any original drawings or bills of sale, please send those as well.

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