Moderne Gallery's exhibition catalogue for Paul Hultberg. The first large-scale exhibition of work by this multi-disciplinary artist since his death in 2019. While he may be a lesser-known figure of The Studio Craft movement, in recent years Hultberg has been attracting acclaim as one of the most progressive artists working in enamel in the mid-twentieth century. While he originally trained as a painter, Hultberg began experimenting with enamels in the 1950s, eventually developing his own abstract style that paralleled what many of his peers were doing with paint and canvas in this period. Over the following decades, Hultberg mastered his techniques and became renowned for his large-scale architectural and public works. Rediscovering Paul Hultberg (1926-2019): Abstract Expressionism in Enamel will showcase the full breadth of the artist’s storied legacy showing both his pioneering work with enamel as well as a collection of early prints and drawings and later portraiture works on canvas.

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