Studio Craft Movement

Moderne Gallery was the first gallery in the US to specialize in vintage work from the American Studio Craft Movement. Beginning with a specialization in the work of George Nakashima in 1985, owner Robert Aibel soon decided to devote Moderne Gallery to handling the work of the masters of Studio Craft Furniture, Ceramics and Turned Wood.

Moderne Gallery’s 1996 exhibition and catalogue of the work of Wharton Esherick is still the largest show of his work since the 1959 retrospective at the American Craft Museum in New York City.

The gallery regularly buys and sells vintage work by Sam Maloof, Arthur Espenet Carpenter, Wendell Castle, David Ebner, Tommy Simpson, Peter Voulkos, Toshiko Takaezu, Viola Frey, Paul Soldner, Edward Moulthrop, Bob Stocksdale, William Hunter, Hannah Silver and many others.