Moderne Gallery has been mounting exhibitions since 1989 when it presented the first American gallery show devoted to the work of George Nakashima. Since then we have presented numerous exhibitions including:

  • Zen Modernism: The Work of George Nakashima, 1955-1975
  • The Nakashima Tradition: Continuity & Change - in collaboration with Mira Nakashima
  • George Nakashima: Designing Nature
  • A Celebration of The Nakashima Legacy in collaboration with Mira Nakashima
  • Early Furniture by George Nakashima, 1936-1956: The Architect Designs
  • George Nakashima Woodworkers: An Evolving Legacy in collaboration with Mira Nakashima
  • George Nakashima: In Conversation, in collaboration with UNTITLED Gallery
  • George Nakashima: Rare & Unique Works
  • Wharton Esherick: American Woodworker in collaboration with Robert Edwards
  • Wharton Esherick: Special Exhibit at SOFA NYC
  • David Ebner: 50 Years of Studio Furniture
  • Masters of the American Craft & Studio Furniture Movement: 1922 – 1988
  • FUNctional Wood Sculpture - 1965-2005: Vintage and Contemporary Works by Pamela Weir-Quiton
  • Ceramic Masterworks: 1962-2002 in collaboration with Helen Drutt
  • Edgar Brandt: Art Deco Ironwork and Photographs from the Atelier
  • Ruba Rombic: An Epic in Moderne Art in collaboration with Kevin Kiley
  • Fantasy Jewels: Obscure Objects of Desire
  • French Post-War Design: Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand and Serge Mouille
  • Rethinking English Arts and Crafts: The Modernist Tradition in Turn-of-the Century British Design in collaboration with John Alexander
  • The Constructed Canvas: String Paintings by David Roth
  • David Roth: The Interference Color Paintings

Such exhibitions are integral to the role of the Moderne Gallery in promoting the re-evaluation of famous 20th Century decorative arts and artists, and the re-discovery of less well-known but important contributors to 20th Century art and design.