Winter Antiques Show

Moderne Gallery to exhibit rare works at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City

Philadelphia, PA (October 2011)

Moderne Gallery will be bringing exceptional vintage works from the American Craft and Studio Furniture Movements to the Winter Antiques Show -- a major area of collecting in the U.S., Europe and Asia since the early 1990's that was pioneered by Moderne Gallery. "We will be showcasing very important furniture, woodcuts, ceramics and turned wood pieces by George Nakashima, Sam Maloof, Wharton Esherick, David Ebner, Peter Voulkos, Toshiko Takaezu, Edward Moulthrop (1960's) and others," says Moderne Gallery founder/director Robert Aibel.

A rare Wharton Esherick sculpture from 1931 entitled "Pizzicato," comprised of a sculpture, light box and music cabinet/pedestal, is a feature of Moderne Gallery's offerings. Originally made for the Philadelphia Orchestra concertmaster, Alexander Hilsberg, it is one of three sculptures Esherick made for his closest friends.  "'Pizzicato' is considered to be the best of the three and is the only one not still owned by the original family for whom it was made," notes Joshua Aibel, Robert's son and partner in Moderne Gallery.

Other Esherick pieces to be presented include his iconic three-legged stool (1966) and hammer handle chair (1958) as well as the very rare, original all wood Wagon Wheel chair (1932) and a previously unknown chair model (1932), both of which were originally designed for a tack room in Mt. Kisco, NY. Esherick was greatly influenced by the esoteric Athroposophic furniture of the 1920's and 30's, and Moderne Gallery will exhibit a rare Anthroposophic cabinet by Sigfried Pütz (c. 1940).

George Nakashima will be represented by a spectacular English walnut and rosewood trestle dining table (1965), a dramatic nine foot coffee table (1967), a unique chest of drawers with bitter brush pulls (1947), a Conoid end table (1964), and one of his finest Long Chairs with a very unusual English oak burl arm (1961). Sam Maloof will be represented by an early pair of horn-back chairs (1963), Arthur Espenet Carpenter by a very early rosewood coffee table (1955) and David Ebner by his earliest work from the 1960's. Important pieces by Voulkos (1950's and 60's), Takaezu (1960's), Picasso (1969) and other ceramic artists will be showcased, along with very unique and influential 1960's turned wood by the master-turner Edward Moulthrop.  

Important artwork will be displayed which includes original photos by Diane Arbus and Robert Frank, paintings by Park Avene Cubists George L.K. Morris and Charles G. Shaw, and rare woodcuts by Wharton Esherick.